A Paris Brocante

There was a wonderful brocante in the Marais last week-end. I always see things that I love and want to buy but usually can’t afford them. It was a huge brocante spread out over several streets and it was a lovely day to be out in the sun looking at it all.

I especially liked this little statue but it was way out of my price range.

I didn’t even ask the price of this Louis Vuitton umbrella but I sure did like it.

Remember when suitcases were made of leather and had no wheels? Remember flying on a plane dressed up in your Sunday best, complete with hat and gloves? I do.

I wasn’t interested in these helmets but I like the humor of the display.

At last, something I can afford. These bowls are very collectable and in great colors.

6 thoughts to “A Paris Brocante”

  1. Linda, did you get any bowls? I too love the colors and the designs. Yes, I do remember my first flight to Georgia when I was about 5 o 6 (1965 or 1966) and yes, I remember we all had to dress in our finest. It really was quite an adventure then, a hassle now. Yuk.

  2. No, I didn’t get any bowls. I just don’t need any more small stuff. What I need is some large pieces of furniture at an incredibly low price-something I rarely find. I always see things I love but have made myself stop buying them. I have a little collection of enamelware that I had fun collecting. Linda

  3. Great leather suitcases! It’s a pity they’re usually so expensive. I’ve been to two brocantes this week and both had similar cases, with hefty price tags. And I like that art nouveau figure too.

  4. A few of those suitcases, stacked up, would make great great sofa tables or end tables AND you can use them as storage for linens or off-season clothing… especially in a Paris apartment that is tight on space!

  5. You know, that is a really great idea to stack up those suitcases and to use them as storage. The only problem is that they are very expensive, so expensive that I’ve even stopped asking the price but I think I’ll start asking again and maybe I can find something affordable. I can always use more storage space. Thanks for the idea! Linda
    Paris Parfait-I’d love to have that art nouveau figure. I don’t know why, but I love the furniture and art from that era-it is so clean and simple. I just didn’t have 400 Euros. Sigh. Linda

  6. I wrote this down and will definitely try to make it…it looks SOOO good!

    My daughter’s on her way to Europe now! I posted a couple of weeks ago that she’s traveling and told her not to order anything that screams “head” LOL Here’s a few pics of her leaving from the airport at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning. Right now she’s in Rome. I’ve talked to her 2x there and she sounds like she’s having the time of her LIFE! I’m so excited for her to see France too!


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