Two Walls

Decorating in not my gift. I know what I like when I see it, I love looking at decorating magazines, I tear out pictures of rooms that I like and, still, my house never looks like anything I imagine. We started with all white walls except for the kitchen and the living room which are a pale yellow. After Maurice’s son told us that our home looked like a museum-the little sh*t- I decided I needed to add a little more color to the walls here and there. I would, of course, do much more if we had unlimited money, but such is not the case, so I do things here and there as money, and my energy level, is available.
The first wall I painted was in our dining room. I bought some special powder mined from the area around the neat little village of Roussillon from which ochre color first came, mixed it with a product they also sold there and dabbed it on a wall with a sponge. It was screamingly bright gold and I wasn’t sure I liked it but it certainly brightened up the place and I like it now.

Here it is. It is actually a little lighter than this photo shows. I have a mirror on the floor leaning against the wall waiting either to be hung or placed on top of a piece of furniture, if we ever find one. I see photos all of the time in magazines of paintings leaning against walls so I figure I am right in style.
Next was the bathroom. Well, actually it is just a little room with a toilet and small sink called a water closet in England. Here in France they often have the toilet in a separate little room. The main problem, from my point of view, is that there isn’t a vent for heating or cooling in there and it can get chilly in the winter. There is a window if you should want to ventilate. Anyway, I decided I should add some color here. I used the method of crumbling up sheets of tissue paper, smoothing them out, and then painting the wall, placing the tissue paper on the painted portion and then painting on top of that. It looks rather cool, like leather, but you can see the lines where the pieces meet. I later read about tearing the paper into pieces and gluing them to the wall and then painting. I think that might have been more interesting but, oh well.

So here it is. I thought the color was way too powerful-I tend to be cautious and meek when painting walls-but I like it now. We had to add the yellow tile above the sink. Below the sink are ugly bare pipes so I painted them blue as well. I need to add another coat of paint but ran out. Paint costs a fortune here so I don’t know if I will. I also found out, after I painted one whole wall, that I was supposed to have added water to the paint–lack of communication from Maurice and my lack of French and not reading directions.
So, I’ve used up my decorating energy-and money-for now. My next step is getting more curtains in the living room and adding some color with valences but I’m not sure when that will be.

4 thoughts to “Two Walls”

  1. I think you were very creative with your painting techniques! I just rolled on paint from the can, Laura Ashley Old Gold. But yours looks wonderful! And I have an antique mirror on the floor, leaning against the wall in a bedroom. Very difficult to hang those old heavy mirrors – they were made for fireplace mantels, etc.

  2. Well, thank you Tara. I feel very insecure about my decorating so it is nice to see someone else likes what I did.
    Ken- I love the blue now that I have lived with it for a week or so. Isn’t it a great color? It is one of those that make you happy when you are near it. Linda

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