The Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool is the title of a rather steamy French movie. Alot of it is in English so you don’t have to spend your time reading subtitles. There is nudity and sex as there often is in French films and it gives you a look at some wonderful Provencal scenery.
So, as we were building our house, we also installed a swimming pool-no nudity or sex involved. It was a frustrating as building a house, really, with people not showing up to do work and some things having to be done over. In the end we got our pool. It was built with elevated walls that had to be surrounded by dirt to make it level with the house and we had to wait two years before we could do anything with the area around the pool as we had to wait for everything to settle. We have finally just finished putting in tile-they don’t do kool decking here as in the States that I have seen. I thought I would post photos of the whole process. It was interesting to go back and look at our yard as we landscaped it over two years. We really have done alot. We also have alot left to do.

The hole for the deep end was dug. There also had to be two support beams put in on the end so the pool wouldn’t slide down the hill.

Shape of pool made and lined with gravel.

The sides of the pool put in.

View from the shallow end.

Another view.

Finally they filled it all in with dirt.

We fill the pool with water.

Maurice trying the pool out and looking at the view.

I just add this because I thought it was interesting that this guy could take a nap after lunch anywhere. I think the workers got up really early to make the trip up to our house.

More to follow.

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  1. Linda, my daughter is in Europe now and riding the Eurostar to Paris. I hope to call the hotel tomorrow night–could you tell me how to ask for her (with the pronunciation literal…so I pronounce it correctly?) I know they’ll probably laugh, but I was hoping to get through the front desk without much trouble when I call.

    Thanks for any help you can give in advance!


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