The Swimming Pool 2

The dirt finally had all settled and it was time to cover the horrible grass with large tile. I had wanted to use these large flat stones that I have seen around yards in Provence but they turned out to be very expensive so we went with regular sqaure tiles. I was also thinking of matching the tile already on our porch but Mrs. M., the lady who helped us with the landscaping, said we should go with a lighter color matching the pool’s edging. After she saw the finished work she said it was ok, as long as we were happy, whatever that meant. The man who did the work actually worked on his week vacation. He usually does something with large machines. He is a dark mahagony color due to his time in the sun and when he started in the mornings had on a t-shirt, hat and shorts. By noon he was in a bathing suit, and by the afternoon, the bathing suit had been turned into a bikini and a thong. Kind of yucky to look out there and see his butt and I was afraid to take a photo and have him turn around and see me doing so. In any case, he did a good job and we are happy with the results. Probably in January we will put in a little cabana.

One view of the tile.

The view from up above. The square area to the left is where the cabana will be. Note the bushes covered with yellow flowers, genet. It blooms in late spring and has an incredible odor rather like Jasmine. When you walk outside the air is filled with the fragrance.

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