The Butterfly and the Bee

Our Santalina is blooming with little yellow flowers, the Lavender with lovely purple flowers and our garden is alive with the buzzing and the business of insects. I often sit outside and just watch this private little world and I often think of my Aunt Lois who told me that if she could contact me after she died it would be through butterflies. I don’t know if she has but I always think of her as I watch the activity in the garden. I wrote this little fable for my grandchildren. Of course, butterflies aren’t all female and the bees aren’t males, but it works for me.

A French Garden Fable

My story of the butterfly and the bee is similar to the grasshopper and the ant. The butterfly is a princess, Princess Priscilla, who only gets out of bed when the sun is well up as she was up late at a ball the night before. She doesn’t hurry to the garden but takes her time powdering her nose and deciding which hair style will look the best with her tiara. She then picks out her most beautiful gown in a breathtaking color to wear(and matching shoes) for the day where, flitting and twirling around above the flowers, sometimes exchanging a merry pirouette with a friend, she will look her best. She only stops dancing to sip herbal tea from the cup of a flower, with honey of course, from time to time to quench her thirst and perhaps have a nibble of a lavender cookie. Her only aim in life is to look pretty and enjoy life.
Burt, the business bee, is dressed in a stripped business suit with a tightly tied serious tie around his neck and a shiny bowler hat on his head. If he owned a company it would rival Microsoft, but his work is making honey. The word of the day, every day, for him is work and he is up out of bed and hard at work as soon as the sun comes up. No time to dawdle around doing any dances. “We have to gather nectar to make honey for our hive.” If he stops to do a dance with another bee, it could mean the hive wouldn’t have enough honey for them all. He looks at the butterfly princess with a frown. “What a waste of time,” he thinks. “The next thing you know, they will let those girly butterflies play golf at the country club.” Nothing can tempt him away from the job at hand.
The butterfly has a shorter time on earth than the bee. Maybe this has given her the desire to love life, laugh and to dance because she doesn’t have to worry about surviving the winter.

2 thoughts to “The Butterfly and the Bee”

  1. Linda, I love your little story. How elequently put. I prefer being a butterfly myself (but hardly a social one).
    I had to say goodbye to your sister yesterday. Pout. It was sad to see her go, but I hope to stay in touch and meet up from time to time either here in Nashville or in Minnesota — or wherever it is they end up! I will miss seeing her red hair and sweet waves from across the street. It looks totally dead over there already. Waaaaaa.

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