Tarascon Festival

A sculpture of Saint Martha in the local church.

In the crypt of the church is the mausoleum of Saint Martha from the 4th century

Mausoleum of Saint Martha

Model of the “monster”, Tarasque.

Tarasque being pushed down the street, wildly from side to side, and, hopefully, you won’t get knocked over as it looked rather out of control.

The parade also celebrated Tartarin of Tarascon from the works of Alphonse Daudet, a loud and boastful braggart, who brags about being a hunter. Forced to leave for Africa, he returns to Tarascon, telling tales of his extraordinary expoits with great triumph.

Here he is, having just stepped off a boat on the river amid much gun fire with his friends.

Many participants in lovely costumes who also did dances as they marched in the parade.

I especially liked the group of men with their “horses”.

At the end of the parade, Tartarin gave a speech from the balcony of the Hotel de Ville.

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  1. Sure are a lot of festivals there. Can I move there? Love them. And, of course, your photos and descriptions are always fascinating. Just love to check in with you! Missed reading while I was gone. Have a bit to catch up on, eh?

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