A French Class in Provence

I am taking a French class all of July in Aix. I’m trying to overcome my “frenchlessness”. Today was the first day. I had a different feeling as I walked around the city in the early morning coolness, different than just being a tourist and I felt like it was more “my” city. I especially love Aix. It is full of beautiful buildings and sculptures and most of the walls are done in muted golden colors.

There are many statues, all religious, up above our heads on the corners of buildings. This is St Roch. You know it is him because he almost always has a dog with him.

I love all of the shades of brown in the early morning light.

I’m not sure what this little figure is-maybe a mermaid with two tails?

Look at these vegetables glowing like jewels.

My class is full of Americans. Six of them are university students from Kentucky. One girl is an American but also Ukranian so I guess she is married to an American. She lives in Los Angeles. One lady is from Canada. The one I find most interesting is an American from Dallas who lives in Africa in the country of Chad where her husband is a doctor. They speak French there, along with Arabic, so she and her husband want to improve their French. He is in a more advanced class. We are all doing what I know we shouldn’t–which is speaking English when we aren’t in class, but it is so interesting to find out about everyone and why they are there. I just hope no one asks how long I’ve lived in France. That is embarrassing.

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  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and can’t remember the train of urls that led me here, but I’m glad they (the urls) did! Is your course at IS-Aix? I did a two- week one five years ago and loved it. Your photographs are gorgeous—nothing like that liquid golden light of France in June/July. I, too, have banished grass from my garden and have put in two large parterres, with stonework and gravel paths to lend structure. I’ll be following your progress with pleasure. Finally, I’m renting an apartment in Paris for the month of October, to do a series of drawings and some sketches so am doubly happy to have your blog to refer to. Quant a vos lecons, bon courage!

  2. Hi. My name is Megan, I am an American living here in Marseille, for almost a year now. Aix is a nice city. Enjoy your time.

  3. Laura-I went and looked at your blog and am very impressed with your art work. Thanks for stopping by. As an artist, you will love Paris

    Megan-I really like Marswille-so much history. My favorite part is the old port area. Linda

  4. How nice for you. I don’t have an ear for French and I get mad each time I try and they correct me!! As if! I try and speak a few words and they don’t understand AT ALL. The differnece between ooh and ooohw. Ha. I get frustrated and give up. But you can do it! Living there must make all the difference in the world. Will you then change the name of your blog “Not Frenchless In France Anylonger!” ha. Have fun. Your pics are lovely, always. xo PS Happy Fourth!

  5. Linda, Great job! French classes are so hard, but it is wonderful to meet new people, that is what I loved about my french classes. Once, I was able to call EDF and complain in French then I really felt like I had control of the language, but there are times, when I feel like I dont at all. Hang in there!! Wonderful photos as usual

    best, Riana

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