A Class in Provence 2

This is the door to the building where my French class is, just a little something from the 1700’s. I also like the sign next to it advertising Provence. Notice the mistral blowing the lady’s hair–true to life here in Provence.

Class continues on. Summer has arrived full steam ahead and it is very hot. None of the rooms where the classes are held are air conditioned and there is not even a measly little fan. It’s not too bad in the mornings but today we had an afternoon class and we were all so miserable, including the teacher. We spent a lot of time trying to learn how to say their “u” and mostly failed. Our lips aren’t French enough. Two guys from Russia joined our class today. It is interesting to hear their accents coming through in their French. I’m sure we Americans stand out as well. One girl is from Ukraine and she boldly points out that this is no longer Russia. She has a French boyfriend, thus the French lessons.

I am always photographing this fountain in front of this rustic old building. One of these days I will get what I’m aiming for.

Not your usual door decoration.

A more upscale shop selling linen and dishes along with some modern santons. Notice that this one is wearing her miracle push-up bra. You don’t usually see that in most santons.

A statue of Mary up on the corner of a building. I’m sure she doesn’t wear, nor does she approve of, push-up bras.

4 thoughts to “A Class in Provence 2”

  1. Linda, don’t mess with the Ukies. My father-in-law is Ukrainian and you never make the mistake of saying they’re Russian! That’s a no-no. We have a very traditional Ukrainian last name (although the hub has been told by many Pols that is is a common Polish name–guess it all depends on when you’re looking at a map. That area has changed hands so many times.) Oooh, don’t you just hate the heat? I despise it. Hope you’re getting your lips “pursed” just so enabling you to say your ooh, uh, uhw. Just remember, pout as best you can! That bottom lip has to come way out! hehe.

  2. So funny – the Santos with the push-up bra. If only it were that easy! Good luck with learning in the heat. It’s supposed to rain this weekend, so maybe that will help.

  3. I’m ok with the heat as long as it is morning and the windows are open, the afternoon class, once a week, is killing me but I’m trying to do the zen thing and pretend I am in a sauna and will come out ten pounds lighter. Linda

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