Melon Festival in Cavaillon

I have passed Cavaillon several times when on the way to somewhere else but had never bothered to have a look at the city. The melon festival, held this year on July 8th and 9th, gave me the opportunity to have a look at Cavaillon which turned out to be a lively and prosperous little city. Many festivals like this can be a very local turnout and mostly for those living in the area but I found this one to be interesting and fun.
There was, of course, a giant sculpture of a melon and many melons, grown locally, were for sale. What I enjoyed was the people in costumes giving exhibitions of long ago ways of doing things, from spinning wool, to making bells for sheep, to showing how laundry was once done, it was fun and informative to look at and added to just tasting melons. The melons, by the way, are what we would call canteloupe in the States and it is very tasty. Cavaillon is known for its melons and deservedly so. There were many booths offering tastes of melon and it was all great. There was also music, choral and bands, and pony rides for the children.

Cooking over a fire as we used to do before electricity.

These were some canteloupes with a lady selling flowers. I loved the container they were in and how perfect all of the melons were. I bought two at another stand for one euro each.

A lady spinning wool. I’m so glad I can buy clothes made by someone else.

This lady is using a devise to comb the wool. I’ve seen this done in the States with two metal brushes.

Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to do the wash like this anymore? The metal tub is for heating the water with a fire underneath and the wash inside. I remember an old electic washer that my grandmother had and after everything was washed, it had to go through a wringer to squeeze out the water. My cousin stuck his arm in the wringer and ended up with a broken arm.

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  1. I posted a message on TripAdvisor but I’ll post one here too. Loved your journal… Makes me think of Peter Mayle’s experiences with home renovations!
    We stayed in Robion, just a few minutes away from Cavaillon. It was in Cavaillon that we went to use the ATM as well as the Visitors Center where we picked up hiking maps for our hikes. Can’t believe the incredible deatail on them… right down to showing what farm belonged to whom and even what was growing where (for example, olive trees, etc.)Liked the city of Cavaillon and loved the melons at breakfast at our b&b each morning!
    Thanks for the interesting journal!

  2. Wonderful photos – thank goodness all that work isn’t required anymore; I’m afraid I’d be quite lacking in the clothing department if I had to weave my own fabric! Thanks for another glimpse into a lovely part of France.

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