Fire Danger

When you live in the country surrounded by trees, bushes and vegetation which are all dry due to lack of rain, thinking about fires can be scary. I’ve heard about some serious fires in this region with people being required to evacuate and always hope that won’t ever happen to us.
We’ve had some heavy thunderstorms the last week or so due to the very hot weather and lightning strikes along with them. We are in the foothills of the Luberon Mountains and are often very near the lightning and thunder, sometimes not able to hear ourselves talk. A couple of days ago lightning starting striking all about us. A few minutes later I walked outside and smelled smoke. Walking around to the front of our home I could see brown clouds blowing over a nearby hill. Of course, I started worrying about the fire heading our way. In ten more minutes we heard the sound of airplanes which turned out to be fire fighters, Canadian Air planes, and there were eight of them. They made three trips back and forth doing their thing and it must have worked as all was quiet. Since then we have had several heavy soaking rains which I am hoping keeps it all quiet here in the country in more ways than one.

Here is what we saw over our house.

Close-up of one of the planes, obviously not taken by me.

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