A Summer Week-end in Provence

It is too hot to get out and explore. I half-heartedly looked around for some festivals but there just wasn’t anyway I was going to get out into the sun and heat and walk around. Instead I worked in the heat in our yard. At least there is some shade from a big tree to helps and a swimming to get into to cool down. We are busily trying to make something of the area where I dug up the grass. I think it will look great when we finish but, with the heat, we can only do a little at a time. I discovered an interesting Japanese shop in Aix and I love the things for gardens that they sell so I am thinking of making the area a little zen in feeling. Water would be great but I’m not sure if I want to deal with pumps and all. In any case, here are a few photos from around Aix.

The square has a daily market.

An old sign on the side of a building that I like.

The church down at the end of the street that this artist is painting has been done by several famous artists including Cezanne and Van Gogh.

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  1. Yummy photos! And yes, a zen garden would be lovely. As for the heat,hope you’re managing to stay reasonably cool. No air-conditioners here, alas.

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