A True Story

My Life As An Indian

My cousin married a Mormon. In their religion they believe that it is very important to be baptized with immersion in water and, in fact, they are baptized in the name of all relatives, even those long dead. Because of this they do extensive geneologic research to explore their roots and be baptized in the name of all the relatives they find.
One day I received a letter in the mail with a very long list of relatives, a family tree on my father’s side. It went back and back in time and I was surprised to see on the list, near the beginning, the name of the famous female Indian, Pocahontas. Pocahontas was an Indian princess, the daughter of Powhatan, the powerful chief of the Algonquian Indians in the Tidewater region of Virginia. She was born around 1595 to one of Powhatan’s many wives. She helped the new American settlers and eventually married one of them, John Rolfe in 1614. Her husband and their young son, Thomas, accompanied her on a trip to England. The arrival of Pocahontas in London was well publicized. She was presented to King James I, the royal family, and the rest of the best of London society. They returned to live in Virginia but she died as they arrived at the age of 22. There are many people in Virginia who claim to be related to Thomas Rolfe so it isn’t certain if he is, indeed one of my relatives. I was told by a Virginian that many people in Virginia are related to each other, so it is a possibility.

(This was a story I told my class, in French, as a project.)

A sign in the market said that these were a type of sunflower.

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  1. Well, hell, I’m from Virgina. We could be kinfolk!
    Ha. The flowers are beautiful. Sunflowers are my fav! They just don’t look real, do they?

  2. That’s quite a story to have told in French! You MUST be making lots of progress! An ocean away, I saw both of these sunflower varieties at my local farmers’ market last Saturday.

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