Amazing New Diet!

Yes, an amazing new diet requiring no special food, no watching what you eat, no weighing yourself everyday. The last woman to try this diet (Maurice’s grandmother) lived to be 106 years old! It was a way of eating that I thought upon hearing about it, “Hey, I can do that!”

What is it?

A piece of chocolate and a glass of champagne every day! Isn’t that easy? Doesn’t it sound great? I’m going to start today.

6 thoughts to “Amazing New Diet!”

  1. Oh, no! If only my grandmother knew this she would have lasted 8 more years! As it was, she died at the age of 98. Her diet? Shot of vodka and a piece of herring everyday.

    All said and done, I prefer your diet :-)))

  2. Isn’t it a great idea? Maybe I could make a book out of it. French Women Live To Be Over 100 or something like that. Linda

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