School’s Out, School’s Out!

I am so happy to be finished with my month of French classes. I learned alot but I’m a little worried that it didn’t improve my speaking of French very much. The teacher for the last two weeks of class was really nice and she did things like play French music or show French movies. It was interesting but I didn’t spend much time speaking French, my biggest need. I passed the test at the end which is only writing. If I had had to speak I don’t know if I would have passed.
We had a little party on the last day and I talked with some people that were in the first class that I moved out of. They said that the situation with the two girls who were so slow never improved and that one day they showed up to class about two hours late, opened a bag of chips and made so much noise that they couldn’t hear a French tape. It turns out the two girls did lots of drugs, which doesn’t surprise me and one of them was seen staggering down the street one afternoon pretty much out of it. Sad.
On another note, Aix is celebrating the 100th birthday of Cezanne. There has never been an exhibit of his work in Aix and they have had a museum full of his paintings for the summer. The museum is crowded and hot but it is still worth the time to take a look at his work. He lived in Aix and painted certain things in the area over and over again, especially Mount Ventoux. He was considered an impressionist but he said that he wasn’t, he was doing something entirely different. He was a rather tortured individual and it sounds like he was schizophrenic, driving away many friends. I like his paintings but I still think Van Gogh is my favorite.

This is on a fountain in Aix. There are also medallions on the ground which you can follow to various places where Cezanne lived or worked.

A statue of Cezanne in front of the Tourist Information Center.

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  1. Hi Linda,
    Found you through Expat Interviews!

    I certainly relate to the struggle of Learning French!!! I also wish I taken French more seriously sooner.


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