A Lavender Parade

Digne-les-Bains, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, is a town with a medieval heart and an even older history. In the early 19th century Digne was a luncheon stop for Napoleon. Today it’s a popular tourist stop for French and foreign visitors, with only one of its attractions being the thermal baths that justify the -les-Bains part of its name.

Digne has a beautiful setting, sitting beside the fast-flowing Bléone river and with forested mountains all around. The long main street through town is completely shaded by the overhanging branches of the plane trees. It was down this street that the lavender parade went down, celebrating its 60th anniversary for doing so. I was hoping for lavender items to be for sale but couldn’t find a thing and, this being a Sunday, couldn’t find any stores open at all. Still, I found the parade charming and was reminded of the 60’s in the States when floats were pulled down the streets with tractors. They even had majorettes.



The beginning of the parade saying this is the 60th anniversary.


This was the queen of the parade on top.


Rather space age costumes


These pom pom girls were from Poland.


There was a little nautical theme going in the parade.


This float had a cute representation of the village.


Your usual provencal ladies dancing.


The pom pom girls and twirlers were called the Funkies.


Another float with a nautical theme.






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