Lavender Parade 2

 Dignes les Bains is in the heart of lavender country which is why the name, Lavender Parade. There weren’t any floats having to do with lavender but most of them had lavender on them somewhere and the people on the floats threw off little bouquets of lavender. Lavender is pretty much past its prime now.


Another float with a nautical theme.


Some of those funky pom pom girls.


 A younger, beginner line of pom pom girls.


Had a little Chinese theme going here.


This group was from Italy


Another boat float. Note the lavender in front.


A gypsy looking group from Spain.


This little girl was really into twirling that baton.


I think this group was from Antilles. They played some great drums but never danced, but they sure looked cool.


 Loved this little pirate on yet another ship.







One thought to “Lavender Parade 2”

  1. Yes, I need to cut mine back. I guess now is the time to do it, eh. I always hate cutting it because I still enjoy the aroma when it rains. I can sit and just sniff lavendar all day. (I just put a little bag of it in my car yesterday before the teenager had his driving test. I thought it would keep us all calm! It worked!!)

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