A Garden in Provence

 For those of you who have been following my story, we finally finished what I will call the lower terrace. It had been covered in dry, brown, ugly grass on top of cement-like dirt for two years and I hated it. Finally, one day I grabbed a pick-ax and using the broad end, dug up the grass. I was to find out later that many of the roots remained even though the grass looked dead and I am sure when it rains in the coming months I will get some green shoots coming up.


 One view of the yard after I had dug up the grass which you can see in piles. I couldn’t find a photo of the area before I started work as I was always careful to cut it out of shots.


View in the other direction. Note the rectangular rock garden.

  Most of our yard has rectangular bits, the upper terrace and a rock garden, the pool, all of them are retangular. I had drawn up a plan of sorts thinking of making a square brick area, something like this:


 Maurice looked at it and said maybe we should try something round. I got on the internet and found a garden that I really liked with a round terrace so wanted to copy that. The problem was that the area we wanted to work in was a long rectangle so I thought we could put the cirlce to one side and do some squares on the other but Maurice talked me into just putting the circle in the middle.


First we laid the bricks out to experiment a little.



 The hole we dug. This was really hard work and we discovered huge rocks underneath and many smaller stones. I’d be hacking along with my axe when I would hit a huge rock and my teeth would vibrate like a tuning fork.


 Maurice has a degree in engineering and it showed we it came time to do the circle. I would have sort of eye-balled it and made the best circle I could. He put a pole in the center and attached a string to make sure we had a true circle. It made a huge difference but I wanted to do alot of the brick work as I thought it was the fun, creative part but he did a better job. Note the pile of rocks we dug up.


The finished job. I think Maurice did such a great job.


A different angle showing our “upper terrace”.

 It turned out to be a huge job and involved weeks of heavy manual labor but we did it. Next I have to do some planting, probably using lots of lavender and some rose bushes but I have to let it cool down a little first. Now Maurice looks at it and says, “What can we do with it?” but, really, it’s only to look at and walk on when we go down to the lower area to water. I love it.






7 thoughts to “A Garden in Provence”

  1. Wow, me too! It’s gorgeous! I’m sure you just sit and enjoy it all now. Too bad Ms. D doesn’t live across the street anymore. I would have grabbed you both to design my back! ha.

  2. Linda,
    You and Maurice have that magic Provencal touch and I can’t wait to see it for myself next May!

  3. Thanks, everyone. It is great to just sit there and look at it. I get a real feeling of accomplishment. We have quite a bit of brick left and Maurice wants to use it somewhere so I guess we will have some more hard work coming up. Linda

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