There is a lovely little village not too far from our house that I like to visit. A chateau sits at the top and it is still inhabited-a flag flies when they are in residence.



I especially like the part of the chateau



The entry to the chateau


There is a small chapel attached to the chateau


Two busts inside the chapel underneath a painting of the same saints


I always take a photo of this gate


 I like this steeple alongside the cedar trees.




4 thoughts to “Ansouis”

  1. It’s gorgeous! I wonder who they are? Must be somebody spay-shul if they fly a flag! Wonderful. I just made a miniature farmhouse and this is the look I was trying to get with the old brick and stucko. I may have to go back and do a little touch up now that I see what it’s supposed to look like! xoxo

  2. Linda,
    Thanks for the lovely photos of Ansouis! We’re looking forward to our stay in the village next May.
    Rosa, There is a wonderful book called The Magic of Provence by Yvone Lenard that tells all about the castle and the family. Look for it at the library, it’s most enjoyable. (Even has some good recipes!)

  3. Rosa, French nobility lives in the castle. They don’t celebrate Bastille Day since some of their relatives were beheaded then.
    Peg, you will love it there. I’ve read the book and enjoyed it.
    Dianne, yes those are the steps on which Lynne fell. I think about that every time I see them.

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