There is a delightful little village near Ansouis called Cucuron that isn’t visited by tourists very much. They have an interesting May festival each year which I keep missing but am determined to see next May. There are a few cute little shops there but it is mostly undeveloped for tourists, mainly just for locals. The best part, besides a gate left from when it was circled by walls, is an old basin surrounded by 200 year old plane trees which was installed when a local tannery did its thing. It is a lovely, peaceful setting. The photos below are all of the basin.





The reflection in the water.




5 thoughts to “Cucuron”

  1. Just stopped by and found all of these wonderful village photos. They are lovely! So glad that someone remembers to carry the camera along; I am trying to do better.

    Took a look at the Celtic horoscopes that you mention for me and my family and thought it was right on the mark. Is it all in how you read it? I wonder…

    Getting a good response to the listing and quite a few referrals from your site. Yippee! And thanks…

    Meilleurs vœux!

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