Another Part of France

 I am amazed by the many absolutely beautiful and unique areas there are to find in France. Averyron is one we recently discovered. Here are a few photos.


 We were in the mountains following a river and saw many tiny villages hanging on the the edges of cliffs. I enjoy seeing different architecture in each region, like this church.



Note the Millau bridge in the background.



France has got to be one of the rockiest countries there is. Every village is built of the rocks and on many old buildings you will see the roof tiles are made of thin sections of rocks.


I just like this little shack in the middle of the garden.


More rocky roofs, this time formed into circles.


A typical street in an old village.


This flower was on an old building in a medieval village we visited. It was used, in olden times, to keep evil spirits away.


Gotta use up all of those rocks.


 One great thing about having a blog is hearing from other people about various things you have written or taken photos of. One lady wrote me about a photo I took of an old advertisement painted on the side of a building in Aix so now I notice them more. They are a disappearing part of the world, slowly fading away. This is an old one advertising chocolate.




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