Nimes is another one of those famous cities in France once inhabited by the Romans who built many famous architectural wonders, of which traces can still be found. The beautiful Pont du Gard aquaduct was built to carry water to Nimes. The city has a fantastic colleseum left in the center of town and another large building still standing. There was also a very large and lovely park to walk through and many of the streets were broad and tree lined. It was nice to make a stop here-it is too far from us to ever have visited before-but it is a huge city and it took us a while to get into and out of the center. (Something I find interesting is that the fabric, denim, originally came from Nimes-de Nimes- get it? Sometimes you go through years of living before you happen to notice certain words and their orgin and what they actually mean.)


The colleseum, truly massive. I didn’t have my wide angle lens with me so could only capture a portion of it.


 The Maison Carre left by the Romans as well.


Before entering Nimes we saw this great field of sunflowers.


 These are the double sunflowers that I’ve recently seen in markets.





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  1. Those pools with the darling rusty hats! and the escargots!!! I wouldn’t mind having some of those in my garden!

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