Favorite French Recipes


Tomorrow, if it is beautiful!

One of my favorite French things to have is a kir. It is probably the favorite and most drunk apperatif that there is in France. It is always offered to me at the homes of French friends. Here in Provence there is also always Pastis, a licorice flavored drink, that you add water and ice to.

To make a kir first you put about a tablespoon of Cassis in a glass. Cassis is a very sweet liquor made of berries. Actually, you can use any kind of sweet liquor-peach is really good. Then you fill the glass up with white wine. It make a beautiful hot pink drink. To make a Kir Royal, you use champagne. This is my favorite way to have it. There is something about the sound of a cork coming out of a champagne bottle that just makes me happy–not because I am an alcoholic, but because it usually means you are going to celebrate something. I love looking at my glass of kir royal and watching the bubbles of the champagne rising from the top to the bottom. As I watch the bubbles,and the light slanting through the pink liquid, I think,  “What a great life I have!”


Here is a photo I took. I’m not sure why I put the basket of peaches in front of the glasses. In this case we are using blanc de blanc instead of champagne. It is the same thing but you can’t call it champagne as it doesn’t come from the champagne region.






4 thoughts to “Favorite French Recipes”

  1. I LOVE that illustration! I can\’t tell what it is, though. At first, I thought it was a book cover. And, I, too, love kir and kir royal. That color, the taste, those bubbles— the very essence of joie de vivre. I\’m making a chilled peach soup that calls for a bit of champagne tomorrow (so your peaches fit right in, to my eyes) and now I\’ll be compelled to serve kir as apero!

  2. The illustration is a sign I saw in a window. It caught my eye, I think because it is simply charming. My husband doesn’t know if the person drawn is actually some well-know Frenchman or not. Hmmm, chilled peach soup. That sounds light and refreshing! Linda

  3. I love your photos. I’m a fan of kirs too, especially on a hot summer day. I like crème de mûres [blackberries] best instead of crème de cassis. Have you ever tried it?

    Reading your posts always reminds me that it’s been too long since I was in the south of France!

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