St Affrique

 When we did our trip to the Aveyron area my eye was caught by the name of a village-the unusual name of St Affrique. At first I thought it had something to do with Africa but it turned out to be named after  St Affre, who I believe was from this area. It turned out to be a very lively village, a small city, really, with many cafes and shopping areas.


A statue of St Affre in the small village where we stayed.


 I especially like this fountain in the town square. The village is in sheep country-where that roquefort cheese is made.


 A modern Statue of Liberty there. I’m not sure why.


Another one of those fading advertisements painted on the side of a building on which someone put their box of flowers.




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  1. The sheep fountain is wonderful! I second Cory’s “your eye for moments and traditions in France” are just wonderful and quite addictive!!!

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