Near our house, just over the mountain, is the charming village of Saignon. There are many B&B’s, a church, a lovely hotel made from an presbetery-? AUBERGE DU PRESBYTERE HOTEL APT – OFFICAL WEB SITE – CHARMING INN HOTEL LUBERON – HOTEL CHARME PROVENCE -I especially like the art work they use on their website. It is a very picturesque village, nice to stroll around and I always seem to take the same photos over and over again each time I go but I can’t help it-it always touches my heart.



 The graceful fountain in front of the auberge.


 There are ancient rocky cliffs by Saignon with traces of building from centuries ago-good look out point.



I see this lovely vine all over Provence. I must plant one in my yard.



A snail I could live with




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  1. Linda! I just saw your kitty’s face over at your sista’s place! Elliott is the cutest. Love cats but especially love the tuxedo ones! Elliott better not visit Nashville, he’d definately never make it back to France!!! Awwwwwww. Makes me want to go out and get another! (But i won’t!) Oh and the postcards are really just collages under glass. The class had stamps and stuff, so I made it look more like a postcard. You can do any collaging! So fun cause it’s small!! xo

  2. I think Hollyhocks take two years to establish and bloom so next year you may have oodles of them. Love your site and the pictures are like being there.

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