Autumn is on its way and the leaves around Provence are slowly starting to loose their green hues and turn mostly yellow. The temperatures, after a cool August, have warmed up for September and it gets up to 90 degrees every afternoon although it cools down to 50 everynight. Everyday is just about the same here with pulling weeds and thinking about what I want to plant when it cools down.

I planted some hollyhock seeds last year and some of them came up but they have never bloomed. I’m wondering if I gave them too much water and attention. I don’t understand why I can enter a village and see a hollyhock growing tall and blooming beautiful flowers while growing from a crack in some asphalt while mine just sit there. The same is true with my wisteria which has put out some leaves but never even one flower. The little fig tree we planted must need alot of water because it lost all of its leaves which only returned after a good rain, but no fruit ever developed. Of course, one growing wild down the road from us which no one ever waters is huge and gives many figs to whoever passes by. We have some oak trees our landscaper planted that are just hanging on by a thread and which seem to need an incredible amount of water but on our property are several oaks, never watered, totally ignorned, growing like crazy. Makes me crazy.


 The grapes are all turning purple and look just about ready to harvest to my amateur eyes.


A windmill in a vineyard not too far from our house.


 And, finally, a photo of peach melba, a recipe I posted a few weeks ago without a photo. Isn’t it a great color?
















3 thoughts to “Miscellaneous”

  1. Yes, isn’t nature fickle. It always amazes me at what thrives and what needs such TLC. (Not much TLC given here!) Oh, that peach melba looks delish!!!

  2. Hi Linda. We have hollyhocks growing like weeds all over our very unkempt garden here in Switzerland, out of just a few that I sewed some years ago. I think possibly they like neglect. They biannuals though so they may come up and flower for you next year.

  3. That peach melba looks gorgeous! And your other photos are wonderful too, along with musings about the foibles of nature! Lovely.

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