A Rainy Day in Provence

 Provence has many days of sunshine but today isn’t one of them. We need the rain as there always seems to be a drought and it is nice to not have to get out there and water my pots. I’d thought I’d put up some photos of some scenes in Provence on some sunny summer days not long ago.


 A colorful pan of paella for sale at a market. I don’t usually buy it because I don’t like having to peel the shrimp to eat it after it is cooked, but it sure does smell good.


Candles lit in the small chapel in Ansouis



Color on the floor of the chapel when the sun shines through the stained glass windows.


I love the way the sun shines on this ancient wooden door


 A cheerful Provencal window


 I kind of wish I’d bought this pillow


An array of colors and fragrances in these soaps offered for sale


These colored beads always make me want to try my hand at making jewelry.


 A fountain in Lourmarin



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  1. Yum, that paella looks delish. At first I thought you had made it when the pics were downloading. I though, boy, that sure is a big pan of paella! Heck, I’d peel the shrimp for you! Don’t you enjoy a nice rainy day!

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