Signs of Autumn

 There is a definite feel of autumn in the air from the cooler temperatures to the changing of the leaves and morning mist.


 An old gate to the chateau near us with some autumn leaves


 I think we are just about through with the melon season


The booming of guns heralds the beginning of hunting season here


 Lots of mist in the air every morning


An old weathered door in the village near us


The harvesting of grapes is beginning





10 thoughts to “Signs of Autumn”

  1. Linda, these are glorious!! I\\\’m so ready to chuck it all and move! Well, not really, too much to do here, but, really, such beauty is so seductive. I hope you are enjoying every golden moment! Thank you very much for sharing these photos.

  2. Dianne-That view of the fog in the valley was taken from a hill not far from our house. I try to trudge up it every morning in my power walk. I took along my camera the day I took it because I could see fog in the valley below our house. I was hoping to get fog around the chateau but it had cleared away enough that the photo just looked a little smudged. Linda

  3. What a joy to visit you each day and see your beautiful photos. So pretty there. As I’ve said before, you have such a wonderful eye for photographing beautiful things. Thanks again Linda!!

  4. Linda, you and the camera seem to be soulmates. Just skimming through previous posts… there are pictures in here that make my eyes hurt from the gorgeousness! OH, and your description of cheese and potatoes… I must come back for more.

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