Roquefort Cheese Experiments


We came back from the Aveyron area of France with a large amount of the famous Roquefort cheese made there. Other than having tried some before after a meal, I had little experience with using it in recipes.


I mixed it with butter and put it on top of a steak which was very tasty. I used the same mix on top of toast and topped it with a walnut or a slice of pear as a snack which I liked very much.


 I made scalloped potatoes and added Roquefort to the mix which was great. I also made a quiche and put it at the bottom, underneath the egg mix, topped with shredded swiss cheese which was fabulous. The Roquefort added an intriguing slightly salty taste that I liked. I think my favorite thing that I made with Roquefort was twice baked potatoes. I microwaved two potatoes for about five minutes to get a jump start on the cooking, then put them in a hot oven of 450 degrees until they were fully done and the outside of the potatoes were crispy, about 30 minutes. I scooped out the cooked interior after cutting the potatoes in half, mashed it with butter, salt, milk and about two tablespoons of the Roquefort cheese and swiss cheese, then put the mixture back into the potato skins and baked them for 15 minutes or so until hot and fluffy. These were really terrific. I’ve come to love that taste of the cheese with potatoes.


 I did discover that my favorite way to eat Roquefort is by itself with a glass of wine. It went well with slices of pear or apple. And, now, all of the cheese is gone, if you don’t count the extra pounds I put on trying it out. It was a great experiment.









6 thoughts to “Roquefort Cheese Experiments”

  1. Mmmm, all your ideas sound good. Your pumpkin photos remind me that there is a pumpkin festival in your area that we like to go to, I am going to have to find out when it is. They serve good pumpkin soup after tractor rides.

  2. You are such a bon vivant, Linda! (or should I say bonne vivante?). You inspire me.

    The pictures are lovely, as always.

  3. It all sounds good. I love experimenting with things like that. The last time, I tested Danish butter vs. Irish butter. Who knows which one, it all tasted good to me!! hehe. Love your fall photos!

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