Scenes From A Market


It’s always interesting to take a walk around markets as we enter autumn and see the new cool weather vegetables and fruits being offered for sale.


 Here is a long line of varieties of mushrooms


These look especially good to me-I love mushrooms


 There is almost always someone selling spices


 I love the garlic braided into little gifts


There is still alot of zucchini for sale. These are used for making farcie which is a dish stuffed with meat and baked. I liked the sun shining on them.




7 thoughts to “Scenes From A Market”

  1. Me too, I like mushrooms. I have some cepes I need to cook up.

    Those are the kind of potirons we end up carving for Halloween. It works okay.

  2. It looks to me as though you have a wonderful life in France! Despite the produce we have in New Zealand we have very few markets like the one pictured. You are indeed fortunate.

  3. So many colors, textures, sounds and smells at the market. Did you make a purchase that turned into a meal or an object of beauty? Fascinating to bring the outside in…to eat, to admire or just to ponder.

    Meilleurs vœux!

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