Pumpkin Festival

 I saw a sign for a pumpkin festival last week in the small village of Lauris and decided to drop in and see what they did. It turned out to be very small and the best part was some of the things they were selling to eat, including some sort of pumpkin casserole. A few vendors had their products out for sale and, of course, there were pumpkins for sale.


 I thought this was a rather artful display


I’m not sure what these are. I keep seeing them at markets and I suspect that they are some sort of squash. I will have to find out how to prepare them.


 As you can see by this witch, the French are starting to celebrate Halloween a little. It is new to them. They dress up in costumes-some of them-but they still don’t go trick or treating. Sometimes there are costume parties. The stores, especially the candy stores, have cute Halloween decorations and candies in the windows as it can be another holiday in which to make money. A couple of years ago Godiva had a candy which was dark chocolate with a pumpkin cream. My that was good. I will have to see if they have it this year.

 On the way home I stopped at a vineyard that was advertising a vendage festival. It turned out to be a lunch but, since the garden is so nice, I poked around there a little as there are always things to photograph there.


A little bird house with its bark roof curling


 This squash/pumpkin doesn’t look real, but it is



I’d love to have this in my garden somewhere


This photo looks like a painting to me





4 thoughts to “Pumpkin Festival”

  1. Halloween is one of my most favourite celebrations!!! I love it!!!! My brother and I always think something interesting out this day!!! hehehe:) But I don\’t know what to do this year!!! The fact is that our parents decided to have a rest in the Emirates and we\’re going there very soon!!! I think that we\’ll be there in October\’31!!!! 🙁 Well, you know,there are no desperate situations: we\’ll certainly find a way out!!! 🙂 At a pinch we\’ll frighten the neighbours in the

  2. A pumpkin festival! How great! We travel quite alot in Italy, and I love all the seasonal festivals they celebrate there.
    Not much pumpkins up north here, though my 84 year old father in law, who lives in the south of Norway, makes the most delicious pumpkin marmelade every year. He makes for us as well 🙂

  3. Those little orange squash have a stronger (a little bitter) taste than pumpkin, it\’s good though. That Godiva pumpkin cream filled chocolate sounds very tempting.

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