A Morning Walk


 We are getting busy tidying up the garden, doing last minute cleaning and emptying the freezer and refrigerator as we get ready to return to Paris. The weather has been so spectacular here that I almost hate to leave. The weather is 70 degrees everyday, the sky blue, the air crystal clear, all so perfect that I almost hate to return to Paris where the skies are often gray. I guess I’ve become a country person somewhere along the way. I always miss our house when we are in our tiny Paris apartment. Soon the energy, beauty and rhythm of Paris seeps into my blood and I am happy again but I will think back to my last sunny day in Provence walking on the roads around our neighborhood until we return in the Spring.


If I head downhill from our house I always pass the home of some neighbors from the Savoie area of France. They come every single week-end and they work like beavers from morning to night. They bought the home of an artist that wasn’t finished and which needed alot of work. We are wondering what is left to do. Every week-end we can hear the sound of wood been cut with an electric saw or a cement mixer churning away. This square box is the water collector. We have one too but it was just an ugly plastic thing which we finally covered with some left-over wooden steps while this is a work of art with a stainless steel water collector on top. I hope I get to see the interior of their home someday. They’ve certainly done alot to the exterior that we can see each time we drive past.


 The leaves of a fig tree. I always pick a fig for Maurice when I pass it as it is wild. I got the last one last week. They aren’t my favorite fruit although I used to eat Fig Newtons. Maurice loves them.


Acorns are seen everywhere, mostly on the ground. We have an oak tree in our back and front yards and the acorns are scattered thick upon the ground. In the Spring, I spend alot of time pulling up tiny little oak trees.


 A road stained purple with grapes from the vendage. There are still grapes left along the side of the road. I’m sure the birds must love them. Needless to say, there is a very strong odor of grapes becoming rather vinegar-ish.





4 thoughts to “A Morning Walk”

  1. Oh, beautiful Linda. I would have missed this every single day. But Paris is also a greta place, isn’t it 🙂
    We are heading for our cabin right now, just for a short week-end. I love country life.

  2. Amazing photos, Linda! Ah, I can so understand your sadness at leaving that beautiful place. Still, there’s always Paris! Looking forward to meeting you.

  3. what a beautiful walk. I found little acorns with “fairy hats” in Zurich. I hadn’t seen them in so long, and now I wonder why. I suppose the last two houses I have lived in is fairly new construction with no big trees in the general area. I’m going to have to cross over and hike up and see if I can find some acorns! I miss them!! xo

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