The Left Bank

 One of my favorite places to stroll around in Paris is the Left Bank. Neighborhoods full of winding, narrow streets, Saint Sulpice Church, and the Luxembourg Gardens all add up to a pleasurable day.


Saint Sulpice Church, much visited now since the book, The Da Vinci Code came out, has a lovely exterior. There are two towers but one is covered in scaffolding and has been for over a year.


I always pass a patisserie on the way to Saint Sulpice with really wonderful desserts. This is a lemon tart that looks like a sunflower.


A pot of geraniums in the Luxembourg Gardens. They always have really gorgeous flowers here.


In a corner of the gardens is this Medici Fountain-very dramatic.


I love the loops of greenery on the side of the fountain.


 Another pot of flowers


  A close-up of the end of the fountain-two lovers being watched by a god.

A couple of people have written saying that they can’t easily read my site as it stays dark. I’m not sure what the problem is. I do know that when it loads it starts out dark but then turns light. I’ll ask my son, my web master, what is wrong.










5 thoughts to “The Left Bank”

  1. Hi Linda,
    I love your photos particularly the Medici fountain.
    Yes your page was black but lightened after a minute. The photos looked good against the dark background but the script was illegible; I was just about to move on.

  2. The script stays dark until you click on adding a comment, then it all turns white, even if you go back to reread another post, the white will stay after that. Maybe that info will help your son.

    More great photos! The lemon tart reminds me of my Paris days. I was taking french lessons and had befriended my teacher. Everyday after class, we went out for coffee and lemon tart, but in a different place each time, trying to find the place with the best tart. yum yum

  3. I loved these photos! I’ve always heard about the patisseries in France has being amazing – in fact I have a book called “Paris Sweets” that I’m working through. It must be so wonderful to live near shops like that. 🙂

  4. Ohmigosh…I was here too (in addition to Laduree)! Is it possible that I passed you along the street and didn’t recognize you? I should have known those throbbing feet with the red zig zags emitting from them (see post following) anywhere!

    I can just return here for a replay of my wanderings. I am so happy that your pictures turn out well.

    Meilleurs vœux!

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