Love the Louvre

 I remember the first time I saw the glass pyramid newly built in front of the Louvre. I was puzzled as to why anyone would put something so modern in the middle of a courtyard in such contrast to the surrounding buildings. I didn’t think it fit. I like it now, especially the way you can see the buildings through the glass of the pyramid and the fountains, which are mostly working now after a year, provide great photos. The lobby underneath is wonderful as well and was much needed.


 The pyramid and the Louvre beyond on a sunny day


One of the fountains, working at last


Yet another view


I love getting reflections in the fountains. This is one that was working but now isn’t and is getting full of green sludge, but, still, it works for reflections.


Right across the way is the wonderful petite arch de triumph leading into the entrance of the Tuleries Garden. If you walk through the garden you reach Place de la Concorde. Keep walking and you are on the Champs Elysees and then the Arch de Triumph at the end, all perfectly lined up with the Louvre Pyramid.



3 thoughts to “Love the Louvre”

  1. Luckily for me, your website comes through clearly with all its beautiful photos that make me a little wistful remembering when I studied in Paris and southern France and then visited so many times since. It’s wonderful to traipse around with you vicariously as you explore. Thanks for so many great “visits” with you. And thanks for your comment on my blog — I had NO idea anyone was reading :>).

  2. Wow, I’ve missed so many great photos while I was away! Unbelievably gorgeous, Linda. Jealous doesn’t adequately describe how I feel when I look at these photographs of the Louvre Pyramid. Ugh, so beautiful… as you already know.

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