Love the Louvre 2

 The Interior

 Not only is the Louvre full of art treasures, but the interior of the building is also a work of art on its own.


This is the interesting stairs into the lobby below the glass pyramid


I turned the camera just to be a little “arty” to get a view of the exterior through the pyramid underneath.


 A closeup of Michaelangelo’s Dying Slave



 The foot of Mercury, the messanger god, being blown aloft by a little wind god.


 Everyone likes to take photos of Venus di Milo


A pretty corner of a ceiling


 The Three Graces



5 thoughts to “Love the Louvre 2”

  1. Linda, I love the angles of your photos! What a swooping and lovely shot of the staircase in your first one! It really is fun to see all of this through your eyes.

  2. Two things…some of the feeling in there seems a little comtemporary for such an historic place..and #2 I did not know one could photograph inside…shows ya how much I know.

  3. Wow. They were working on the pyramid when we were there last in ’87. That staircase is gorgeous. Oh, and those statues, lovely.

  4. I thought the pyramid and the resulting lobby were extremely contemporary and unlike the buildings there when I first saw it, but I like it now, especially how you can see through the glass of the pyramid. They allow photography inside of the building and the statues, but not the paintings any longer-although they did until about a year ago. Linda

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