On Top of the World…

in Montmartre.

Montmartre is a lovely little “village” over-looking Paris and one of the places tourists love to visit. It can be over run with said tourists but still has pockets of charm and that incredible view.


Any Impressionist painter you can name hung out in Montmartre at one time. Utrillo, found in the small cemetary there, was one of them.


Sacre Coeur up at the top of the hill is very wedding cake in appearance.


In the smaller and more charming church in Montmartre is St Pierre which has lovely stained glass windows.


 Lapin Agile, a cabaret that was once the hangout of the Impressionist and which is still in operation.


 Grafitti of an artist, fitting as there are so many at Montmartre in Place de Tertre


This sweet little girl was having her portrait done there and couldn’t wait to see it.











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