Tea in Paris

 I guess it was the English who started the concept of tea, as in when not only do you have tea but you have goodies to go with it. In fact, I was surprised many years ago when I was in England and given a full tea which was what I would just call dinner as it was a full roast beef meal. So the French have also arrived to the idea of having afternoon teas to get rid of that peckish feeling of hunger between lunch and dinner. As in many things they have added their own spin to it and made it more delicate and beautiful than the original. I didn’t actually have a tea the other day at Laduree but I took photos of the windows. They don’t allow photos inside for some reason. There was a huge crowd of people waiting to get in for tea. Laduree is known for its macarons, a dessert that must be tried to be believed.



 A display in the window using macarons. Macarons are a cookie made with egg whites and almond paste and each color is a different flavor. My favorite in chocolate. Two of the cookies are put together with a creme in the center. You bite into it and the outside is crispy then it becomes soft and chewy. They are heavenly.



Some boxes full of Laduree treats for either a cat or dog lover.


 A box of macarons all ready to go. I would never buy one of these as I would probably have it finished before I reached home.






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  1. OH! We had tea here at Laduree at Harrods! It was as bueatiful as it was good. Oh yes, the macroons seem to be the rave of all of the choclatiers on Europe. Don’t think we have them here! I call them little hamburgers, they are so cute! I have a little box I brought back from Brussels I have yet to open. I better get with it as they say they’re best within a week! What a wonderful memory of tea at Laduree’s!

  2. Linda,

    I just returned from Paris where I stayed just around the corner from Laduree! I went on Saturday night to try buy a small bundle of these delights (my hostess had treated me to some earlier in my stay) but, helas, they were closed up tight and, sadly, I had to leave Sunday before they opened. At any rate, it is a treat to see your photographs here and to know that we walked the same ground. Now I must try to go and write a story about what I saw…or send folks here to see the photographs!

    Hope you are enjoying yourself…seems to be so!

    Meilleurs vœux!

  3. Oh, my! Laudree is one of my favorite places in Paris. Have you tried their pistachio macaroons? They are to die for…and this from a chocoholic. I\’ll never forget sitting in that beautiful room for the first time as a 19 year old; and no subsequent trip was complete without at least one stop there. Tonight, I\’ll fall asleep with visions not of sugarplums, but of macaroons dancing in my head. Thanks Linda for your delightful blog…I\’ve enjoyed it for years.

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