Looking in Windows

 Part of the fun of strolling around Paris is looking in shop windows. They are almost always very artistic and striking and they make you want to go inside the shop and buy it all.


 I loved this plate with the cranky little cat looking at the fly on his whiskers.


These were in the window of a store selling antique books


 It wasn’t until I looked at my photos on my computer that I realized that the photo I took of these “hands” were used to either hold pages of a book open or to save your place. I like them.


 This display was in a window on the shopping street near where we live. They do sell macarons there but their best thing, in my opinion, is their chocolate cake. It costs the earth but, my, is it worth it.


 A nearby florist. I always stop at their window as I love how they arrange their flowers. I’d love to have this little pot in my apartment.








5 thoughts to “Looking in Windows”

  1. I just love seeing things from outside of my ‘world’. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and for sharing a piece of your ‘world’ with me. Inspiring…Nel

  2. The Laduree macaroons, the columns at the Palais Royale, the florist’s bucket of flowers and the old books … a few of “my favorite things.” You are so blessed to be able to live in Paris.

  3. Linda, you and me both love window shopping! I absolutely love European windows. Americans just don’t do it like that. Boo hiss. Love those hands (and the cat, of course!). xo

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