Many Ways To Look At The Eiffel Tower

 After you have been in Paris for a while you lose track of how many times you have seen the Eiffel Tower. The first look is rather breath-taking as you finally see it as you turn a corner and, there it is, the symbol of Paris and you are finally seeing it in person. Loving photography, I am always taking photos of it and, therefore, always trying to come up with different angles or different ways to get something original. After over 100 years of photographing this structure, there isn’t much to come up with that hasn’t been seen before.


When standing close to the Eiffel Tower it is hard to get the whole thing in a photo. Everyone is surprised at how large it is and many are surprised that it isn’t painted black. Maybe it was at one time but it is now a light brown color.


 It is huge but still delicate and lacey, even feminine.


A view from behind a statue on Tracadero where you can get the whole structure into your photo.


 A reflection in some water after a heavy rainstorm the day before


 A view from a nearby street. How would you like to have this view from your apartment?


 Seen through some leafy branches


Two lovers caught in their own world as the Eiffel Tower flashes its magic lights at night.


 A reflection of the Eiffel Tower in a mirror at a brochante one day on Rue Cler.


 A reflection in a door. I think this might be my favorite up to date.







7 thoughts to “Many Ways To Look At The Eiffel Tower”

  1. I didn’t realise how delicate the Eiffel Tower is. It’s beautiful. I love the view from the street…I would never get sick of that! Nel

  2. Oh, Linda, I was just telling my husband this morning that I wanted to sketch the Eiffel tower, but that it had to be in my own way, with this angle or that, this or that portion cropped, this or that kind of sky—and here you are, with similar thoughts and very inspiring photos! Merci! This is a lovely post.

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