The Windows of Fauchon

 On Place de la Madeleine is a high end gourmet store, Fauchon, that is fun to stroll through and which always has really fabulous windows. They are now celebrating 120 years of business as seen by this photo:



Love the can can girls


 These little pink boxes contain some of their own brand chocolate, which can be good gifts for those who aren’t lucky enough to make it to Paris.


 I’d love to have some of these


This is a tin of chocolate being sold in a shop next door. I want to buy it just for the container.


 This one too. Aren’t they great?




7 thoughts to “The Windows of Fauchon”

  1. Hi Linda, Whenever I see your beautiful photos of France I want to jump on the next flight to Paris. I do love Fauchon and have carted lots of heavy(!) things home from there – the windows are spectacular. I can’t remember the name of the store next door but I’d love to see if they have a web site so I can order those beautiful tins of chocolate. I’m smitten with them. It’s hard to read in the photo but they appear to say “Marquise de Savoine” – I presume that’s the name of the pilot, artist or patron and not that of the store.

    Best regards,

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