Beaujolais Nouveau is coming



 The third Thursday of November is the time the wine called Beaujolais Nouveau is released. It is a way to taste what wine will taste like in the coming year, from what I understand. It is also an excuse for people to fight their way through crowded bars for a taste of the wine the minute it is allowed to be served and get roaring drunk. I first experienced the wine when I lived in Austin, Texas. It was a fun party and the wine was rather fruity and light. It isn’t a great wine but has become, due to really good hype, the thing to do if you like wine.

 If you have had a great experience celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau, go to Blue Vicar at and write about it, or just go and read about it when other people post. She has some interesting postings as well on Halloween in France.

7 thoughts to “Beaujolais Nouveau is coming”

  1. I have always heard of this “beaujolais unveiling” day … with its accompanying crowds and race to taste first … but I have never experienced it. I imagine it’s a good time and I would love to be in France to see it.

  2. OHHHH, I can’t wait. We always get some of the first bottles flown in! YUM. Do you have any suggestions on who’s is best? I normally go with Georges Duboeuf because I love his labels–but also are normally pretty good. This is the only red wine I drink–I have allergies. I will turn bright red for Nouveau ANYTIME!! Now you got me all worked up!!

  3. Yes, we are gearing up for the celebration of Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrivé with all sorts of writing activities. Expatriate bloggers will post stories of observations made on the 16th of November (Beaujolais Day) and blueVicar will host a list of participants. Then everyone can go and read the posts…and celebrate VICAR-iously with the writers!

    We found some fun stories about Halloween–there is a list of those too.

    So many stories…so many more to write!

    We all look forward to reading your Beaujolais post too!

    Meilleurs vœux!

  4. Sorry to spoil the party but I always find it a rather sad affair: the wines are always to lightweight & (obviously) young. Give me the Beaujolais Cru wines anytime (Brouilly, Morgon, Saint-Amour etc).

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