Pere Lachaise 2


A cross that I liked


This one was new to me. I went to feel it and it was metal but it had a funny looking texture, almost like spray-on plaster.


It looked like this man was trying to peek over all of the flowers his relatives had brought


Someone had placed a flower in hand of this sculpture


This sad goddess got painted golden for some reason









9 thoughts to “Pere Lachaise 2”

  1. There’s always something splendidly & upliftingly sad about a good cemetry. They do say that the ritual of burying one’s dead is one of the earliest indications of civilisation (well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?).

  2. The cross is actually on one of the little chapel tombs. It is hard to see but it has some original stained glass left at the top while the bottom part is empty. Someone had stuck some flowers inside it.

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