Picky Eater


 I guess before I moved to Paris that I was somewhat of a picky eater. There were many things I wouldn’t even try. My world opened up, as I like to say, when I moved here as I was trying all sorts of things new to me. I still won’t have anything with the word “tete” in it-which means head in French-and I’m not big on things made of “parts” as Maurice likes to say. I still haven’t had rabbit or horse and I probably won’t. So I don’t think I am a picky eater anymore.


 Maurice, however, has turned out to be one to my surprise. He will scarf down veal head, rabbit and very barn-yard like in smell sausages but will almost turn pale if I want to make a tuna fish sandwich. The meat has to be very well cooked and cinnamon is a no no. He never had tropical fruit growing up so doesn’t like bananas, coconut or pineapple. Luckily there are still many things I can cook but it does limit me a little and I love everything he doesn’t. Compromise, the name of the game.






4 thoughts to “Picky Eater”

  1. Where can I buy one of those gorgeous table lamps? Almost any food would seem palatable in their beautiful glow, except veal head, just couldn’t do it!! Nel

  2. I used to be the sort of eater who ate the same thing all the time. Then I met my husband and since he’s a vegetarian (and I ate mostly meat dishes) I was forced to rethink everything. In retrospect I think that’s what made me really get into cooking! Experimentation is fun. 🙂

    ps. I don’t eat “tete” either.

  3. So let me guess, he’s one of those no sucré-salé in the same dish people isn’t he? They’re all alike to some degree, but we love ’em just the same.

  4. Haha, I can so relate. Whereas I have come a long way in eating the “parts”, there is no way my husband would touch a tuna fish or peanut butter sandwich. And ne parle meme pas sucré-salé!
    ps: thanks for your recent kind comments chez moi

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