By Accident


When I arrived in France there were a few things that I wouldn’t eat. If I saw foie gras-goose liver-on the menu I just kept on going until I got to something “safe” that I liked, such as shrimp or chicken. Then one day I ordered a salad and it arrived with the dreaded foie gras on top. My mother used to eat calf liver with onions about once a week. It always smelled so fabulous that I would try to eat some but the taste just made me gag. So, here was some liver. I tried to eat around it but eventually some of it reached my mouth. It was one of those moments of revelation. I finally got it! This is why it is so famous in the food world. It was sweet and creamy and so tasty spread on bread. I had some just the other day with onion confit, crusty bread and a glass of sweet white wine. It was fabulous. I was humming “Heaven, I’m in heaven” the whole time I was eating it. Who knew?


13 thoughts to “By Accident”

  1. Fois Gras is one of the best things ever! Though, I much prefer it pan seared; the outer part gets crunchy and carmelized and the inside is smoother than the best butter could ever be! Superb with a bold and Earthy Cotes du Rhone…

  2. Linda, good for the spelling. Sorry if I sounded peeved — didn\’t mean it that way. It\’s all cultural. Americans eat that ground beef that contains who-knows-what and think it\’s great. They tell us we don\’t want to know what goes into sausages, but we don\’t think about what gets incorporated into hamburger. Just read Fast Food Nation, or see the movie. At least foie gras is not a contaminated product.

  3. Linda, I was thinking you’d had the same fois gras salad that I had that day on rue Mabillon, but I’m wrong. Yes, isn’t it wonderful, foie gras? Maybe it’s best not to eat it when you’ve just had oysters, though ;D. I was not feeling well after our lunch!

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