St Etienne du Mont


One of my favorite churches in Paris is the St Etienne du Mont which is right next to the Pantheon. It has a very rare rood screen which goes across the middle of the church, very delicate and lace like and the remains of Genevive, the patron Saint of Paris.


Part of the rood screen with curving stairs on each side


A statue of St Genevive. She became the patron saint of Paris because her prayers, and those who she encouraged to pray with her, kept Atilla the Hun from invading Paris.


I especially liked this unusual stained glass window


Such a lovely church

6 thoughts to “St Etienne du Mont”

  1. I’m enjoying these photo tours. Those fleur-de-lis shapes in the window are quite appropriate for France. And I didn’t know Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris. All in all, beautiful AND instructive!

  2. A church I would love to visit.
    I love stained glas windows, and these are beautiful.
    I understand that I have alot to learn about Paris. Thanks for leading me part of the way.

  3. Oh, Linda, I cannot believe it. Once again you have selected a spot that I visited on my recent whirlwind tour of Paris a month or so ago. I had one day to do Paris and just happened upon St. Etienne du Mont. The Mass was just commencing and as it was the Feast Day of St. Luke I went in…and stayed.

    Many stories in these places…much past.

    Today I am thankful for many things…you, your photos, and your blog are among them!

    Meilleurs voeux!

  4. You chose just the right time of day to capture the light inside. I’ve only seen the outside of this one … now I will be sure to go inside.

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