The Perfect Bite


Remember that scene in the movie by Barbra Streisand, The Face in the Mirror, where she is at a restaurant and very carefully makes a little pile on her fork of food from her plate make the perfect combo? It’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen but I liked it and what it had to say about beauty. Anyway, I have had the perfect bite a couple of times. The first time was in Paris when I ordered a Salade Chevre Chaud-a salad with warm goat cheese. So, onto my fork I pushed some lettuce covered with tangy vinagarette, a piece of tomato, a walnut, and the warm cheese on top of a piece of crunchy toast. It was such a great explosion of flavors in my mouth-the acid tang of tomato, the warm soft cheese with the crunch of toast and snap of the slightly bitter walnut, the warm cheese binding it all together-it was all a little piece of heaven. I also like salty and sweet together as in dates with bacon or a cheese with a sweet jam. And, then there is Thanksgiving, where into one bite are the flavors of turkey, stuffing, mashed potato and gravy topped with a small amount of cranberry sauce. Eating can be such a fun adventure.

8 thoughts to “The Perfect Bite”

  1. That photo is amusing to accompany this post. I love warm chevre salad too! And I remember the scene in that movie about “the perfect bite.”

  2. Such a witty touch, the photo with your text, Linda! Your blog is a real treat for me, keeping me up with the visually delightful in France—and the foody posts are great, too!

  3. The doggie was just with a guy in a bar in the Marais where a friend and I stopped for a glass of wine one day. He, the dog, was so ugly that he was cute. He had a very sweet personality. Linda

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