Art Nouveau

There is quite a collection of beautiful architecture in Paris in the style called Art Nouveau. It is one of my favorites as I find it always lovely and appealing to the senses. It is seen on some of the older metro entrances and can be found in many restaurants. Here is a quote to exactly what describes art nouveau: “The essence of Art Nouveau is described by sensuous lines and subtle light, feminine figures and curly hair, fluent dresses and attitudes, vegetal curves and willow leaves, twisting waves and evanescent smoke, but also by controlled lines, geometric details, colorful new shapes.” Most of it was done at the end of the 1800’s before WWI. I recently ate in a restaurant which has preserved the fabulous architecture. It was a pleasure to eat in those delicate, restful surroundings.


The front of the restaurant with its name above.


One of the light fixtures


I want a lamp like this one


I loved this stained glass window


Some exquisite glass on the front of the bar



7 thoughts to “Art Nouveau”

  1. I haven’t been able to post comments on your blog so I’ve got my fingers crossed today.
    You have a great eye for detail. I love those photos the last one is particularlyeyecatching; the glass really glows.

  2. You know, I can’t really remember my meal there. I think I had a salad. I was so busy feasting my eyes on the decor that I didn’t pay much attention to the food. I seem to remember that the menu was very French-nothing new or trendy. Linda

  3. I am mad about Art Nouveau and have lots of it in my apartment – most of it found in France or Brussels.

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