Wide Open Spaces

 I was just in Texas doing the Thanksgiving thing with family. I remember the first time  I saw Texas after living in Arizona and feeling like something was missing when it struck me that there was nothing on the horizon–it just sort of went on forever unless you count the downtown area of Dallas which springs up into your sight if you are looking the right way. Again, on this visit, I was struck by how flat Texas is. Driving into Paris from the airport there is the same feeling of flatness but it is green and filled with farming. There just seems to me to be much more a feeling of closeness when you finally get into Paris. It has so much all in one area, it is unusual to see the horizon without anything in it but sky.


 A typical scene on a Paris street looking up. I never feel closed in or crowded but rather comfortable.


 Don’t feel like this. It is a pleasure to be back in Paris. I guess France is home now which always surprises me.


I think I’ll look for a bouquet like this to put in our apartment to welcome us home.








7 thoughts to “Wide Open Spaces”

  1. Flat?

    Several times we drove to Boulder from the East Coast. After crossing the plains, I remember the distinct feeling of relief when the Rocky Mountains would come into view. I have the same feeling now when I arrive back in Nice after being overseas. Here, the flatness of the sea is offset by the Alps.

    It’s all difficult to understand.

    But those Paris rooftops? The just look like comfort.

    Meilleurs voeux! And welcome home…

  2. You ain’t seen flat my chickadees until you’ve driven (or biked) through Oklahoma and Kentucky! Ugh! Luckily, I have mountains and skyscrapers here in Seattle, so I feel right at home myself! I must say though, Paris being my favorite place on the planet, that your blog brings me joy!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when you find home and never expected it to be so? I feel the same about Tennessee. Virginia is still my birthplace, but I do feel at home here now. Hope you found your little bouquet to bring home. They are so sweet there. Nothing like that here in the states.

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