The Fun of Blogging

 I love blogging and the whole new world that has opened up because of it-new friends, new interests, new connections. One of the things I love to do is to check the statistics of my blog and see not only how many visitors I have had but where they come from. The site I get the most visits from is from some sort of food site which, when I went to visit, is in a foreign language that I think is from Thailand. (If someone who came here from, please let me know your country.) Why they come to my blog I have no idea. I often post about food and favorite recipes so I’m guessing that is the reason.

 My statistics page also lists the phrase use to find my blog on search engines. I’m not surprised to see such things as, Christmas in France, Tarteflette recipe, Paris Photo Tours, Paris Meridian, or Lauderee Tea. But the most used phrase to find my blog? It’s UGLY CATS ! Why, I have no idea. In fact, I have never even written about ugly cats. I did a post once, writing as my cat, about ugly dogs which somehow, I think, lead to this. It’s a mystery.

 A few photos of cats and dogs, but not an ugly cat among them.









 This is my cat, Elliot. I think he’s cute.




11 thoughts to “The Fun of Blogging”

  1. Could it be me? I am from Thailand, now living in the USA. I stumbled upon your blog a long time ago. Don\’t remember how. It was back when you were renovating the flat in Paris and building the house in Provence. Then I lost you for a while when you changed the format. Since then your site is on my daily check along with several blogs, some of them in Thailand. I really enjoy reading your blog and admire your superb skills in photography. Thank you.

  2. Like Britt-Arnhild, I am into looking at the Stats… I often find wonderful ‘lurkers’ sights who I wouldn’t have otherwise seen… But as to Ugly Cats – your guess is as good as mine…

  3. You’ll have to tell me how you get all those stats. I just have a counter! hehe. Love Elliott! Love HIM! I also love the pic of the driving dog. Is that like Tunces the Cat? (Remember on Saturday Night Live?)

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