You would think that because numbers in France are the same as in the States-we are talking the written numbers by the way-that there wouldn’t be much room for confusion for me. The problem comes in how the numbers are used.  For instance, in France, as well as the rest of Europe, floors are numbered differently. I live on the 4th floor if I am talking as an American but the 3rd floor if I am talking to a French person.


The calendars are different here. They start the week with Monday, not Sunday as I am used to in the States. I have to be very careful when I glance at our calendar and check the day. The last time I just casually looked at the date of an appointment I didn’t notice the day and ended up missing the whole thing.


Clocks are the same except they use military time here after noon. I was once an hour early to catch a train and spent my time cooling my heels waiting for the time to pass. At least I wasn’t an hour late. It is the little things that can get you.







8 thoughts to “Numbers”

  1. Norway is the same as France 🙂
    And I am happy that we use the meter system instead of inches, and Celsius for temperatature, with the logical freezing point at zero 🙂

  2. I used to get confused by all the number differences too, but especially the temps given in Celsius and the weights in kilos.
    I’m still confused about the Celsius temperatures, although I have a basic understanding of what’s hot and what is a normal temperature. I don’t really understand kilos, but I like to see my weight in them all the same.

  3. I always get thrown by the way Europeans put the day of the month before the number of the month, whereas we do the opposite! I love that they start with Monday though, Its seems odd to start with Sunday, I think… Fun post!

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