Face Cream Junkie

 My name is Linda and I am a face cream addict. I have to stay out of the pharmacies here as they sell all sorts of skin products and I find it hard to pass up on any of them–and they are all expensive to boot. I was the first girl on my block, in 7th grade, to wear make-up, and my mother never went a day without it, so maybe that explains it. It is a constant source of amusement to my husband. He looks at my row of beauty supplies and asks what each one is for. It takes alot of work to get this “natural” look.


 Here are a few things in my bathroom, some of them samples. My mother, who has great skin, swears by Olay products, so I bought some on my last trip to the States. If all of this worked, I would have the skin of a 20 year old.


 Just a few other products I have for my body and hands.


This is my latest discovery. I use it to clean my face and it makes my skin really soft. I think alot of French women use it here. I get a large bottle for about 9 Euros. I saw it for sale on the Internet in the States for about $20. Ah, the price of beauty, even if it is an illusion. Something that makes me feel good.






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  1. Oh I love this! I have never had any problems with my skin so I never thought I needed anything…WRONG. I should have started moisturising years ago! Now I love pampering myself and being a real girl…nel

  2. Great topic, Linda. Have you learned the secret to great French skin? Do they all use L\’Occitaine as the commercials would have us believe? I have pondered investing in a line of French products, but only if the testimonials are true?

  3. This makes me smile. With three daughters (and three sons, as well) our bath cabinets are full of every imaginable skin care product from countries that span the globe … my daughter even had me selling some at one point. But they do feel so wonderful and thre aroma is lovely … and one day I will wake up with no wrinkles.

  4. …and to think they started releasing creams for men too ! Your husband should be more careful about all this 😉
    Anyway, being an expat myself, I was looking for other expat opinions on living in France.
    Nice blog, keep on posting ! 🙂


  5. I am a slave to Oil of Olay products. It doesn’t matter what else I try – from the reasonably priced to the tres expensive – I always go back to Oil of Olay. There’s just something about it. Love your blog – Erin

  6. See? Even the photographs of beauty aids are beautiful???

    It makes me laugh, though. My days-away-from-14-year-old-daughter is experimenting with makeups and creams and unguents. All I use is Mennen Baby Lotion (I’d like to ship it over in gallon barrels if I could) as a moisturizer and lipstick as my festive touch, so I am incredibly ill-equipped to assist with the application of mascara, eye shadows…and I know painfully little about scrubs, masques, creams…

    Ah! Even as I write this note I feel inadequate and frustrated…HELP!!

    (I do like the pix, though…)

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  7. My new favourite is Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins\’ Mega-Mushroom Face Cream. It\’s amazing! I also adore Sisley products, although they\’re expensive. And Prescriptives, but can\’t find that in Paris. And the British product line Ren. I think it\’s good to alternate products, as the skin needs different things at different times of the year.

  8. Oh, I’m the same way. My rosacea is getting worse, so I’m always looking for a cure all. (I’m jealous of your sister’s skin!) I recently found La Roche Posay (I think that’s it) Toleraine. It is so nice on the facial skin!

  9. Rosa, you’re jealous of my skin? You’ve got to be kidding!

    This must be a family thing because I have drawers full of sample skin creams and under the skin is crammed full of more products. I rarely empty one but find another new product that promises miracles. Women ask me what I use on my face and I can’t give an answer because it changes daily.

    What’s a girl to do?

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